Project Lombok - About the authors and everyone that's helped us create Project Lombok.

Regular contributors to Project Lombok:

Jappe van der Hel
Philipp Eichhorn
Reinier Zwitserloot
Robbert Jan Grootjans
Roel Spilker
Sander Koning
We'd like to thank:
  • Perry Nguyen (pfn on ##java on freenode) for creating the inspiration for project lombok.
  • Tor Norbye, Jan Lahoda, and Petr Jiricka for helping out with Netbeans internals and/or javac.
  • The Java Posse for making the java community awesome. Listen to their podcast!
  • all contributors who submitted patches or helped answering questions!
as well as the authors of the following tools that we use:
  • Github for hosting lombok's repository and issue tracker.
  • The ASM team at ObjectWeb for creating an excellent class file editing tool. Lombok uses ASM to interact with Eclipse.
  • Markus Gebhard for creating java2html which we use for the example code snippets on the features pages.
  • Kroc Camen's video for everbody. The lombok demo video runs on just about every system imaginable because of it.
  • Longtail Video's JWPlayer, which is bringing the video to those of you who have an aging browser.
  • The spi project, which makes it very easy to extend lombok with your own transformations.
  • Apache Ivy - Dependency management
  • Cobertura which we use to ensure our tests cover as much as possible.
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