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Project Lombok - ecj instructions

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Version: 1.16.16 | changelog
ecj (the eclipse standalone compiler) is compatible with lombok. Use the following command line to enable lombok with ecj:

java -javaagent:lombok.jar=ECJ -jar ecj.jar -cp lombok.jar -source 1.8 (rest of arguments)

You may have to add the following VM argument, if you're using an older version of lombok or java:


If you're using a tool based on ecj, adding these VM arguments and adding lombok.jar to the classpath should work.

Using ecj with Maven

It is possible to configure maven-compiler-plugin with maven-dependency-plugin and plexus-compiler-eclipse.

Before the compile phase, you will have to set your MAVEN_OPTS environment variable to include the javaagent argument. In the example below, target is your ${}.

Use the following commands in sequence to enable lombok with ecj in your Maven build:

mvn clean dependency:copy@get-lombok
set MAVEN_OPTS=-javaagent:target/lombok.jar=ECJ (or your OS's equivalent)
mvn install
set MAVEN_OPTS= (or your OS's equivalent)